Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

How can I use Asian characters in a catalog?

You should select a special font to display Asian characters correctly in the pdf catalog. You can select a default font for the whole catalog or just for a separate text element.

NOTE: Asian fonts are available for paid plans only.

To use Asian font follow the steps below.

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How can I share a link to a catalog or Showroom without a top bar and logo?

If you would like to share a bare page for your catalog or Showroom (no logo and top bar), use following links

1.  Catalog bare link [Paid Plans only] . Replace your namespace, catalog permalink and optionally navigation style – read more here.{namespace}/embed/catalogs/{permalink}.html?nav=bullets

2. Showroom bare link [Any plan]. Replace your namespace – read more here.{namespace}/embed/showroom

3. Direct PDF download link: Add to your pdf link ?download=true{namespace}/catalogs/{permalink}.pdf?download=true

Read more about catalog embedded link formatting and Showroom embedded code.