Getting Started

Catalog Machine basics

How do I create a new product? + video tutorial

Products are a great way to organize text and image information for your catalogs. Once you created product categories, you can create products entering data for category fields.

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Watch tutorial for adding and managing product data:

To create a new individual product follow the steps below.

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How do I start making a product catalog?

There are 4 major steps in making a product catalog:

  1. Prepare content – collect product information, images and marketing text.
  2. Create Pages – arrange content elements together on the catalog pages.
  3. Design pages – spice up pages with fonts, colors, images and backgrounds.
  4. Publish and share – make your catalog available for your customers.

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How can I add products to the catalog?

You need two main elements for the catalog product content: text and images. While you can design simple small catalogs without creating products, we recommend to build your own product database for more complex catalogs. Catalog Machine helps you to easily  manage your product information and use your products in catalogs.

There is a significant advantage of having separate product databasebetter management of product information (search, updates, import / export, mass-edit) and ability to reuse entered product content in different places and catalogs. Another benefit: on any product content update, the related product text and images in the catalog are updated automatically.

However, you can do fine without creating products if you have small or non-product catalogs (by just directly creating pages from static text and images). Certainly, you can combine both methods together – mix product and static text and images.

To add products to you catalog follow the steps below.

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How do I upload and edit images?

You have many ways to work with images in Catalog Machine – main building blocks of any catalog.

Note: What size images are best to use within catalogs?

The optimal image size depends on proportion of page the image will take.  The full page is about 600px x 800px (or 800 x 600 in landscape). Therefore  if your images will take not more than quarter page (in any place you use them) than max size 400 x 300 is optimal and so on. Smaller images are better for performance, but too small size could lower quality. The only exception if you plan to use pdf format with images that require zoom (e.g. maps, charts) than you need higher resolution (even larger than page). 

To upload, edit and manage your image collection follow the steps below.

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