Frequently Asked Questions

How can I embed a catalog into my website?

After creating a catalog, you can display it on your website. The embedded catalog view can be configured for different height, width and type of navigation.

NOTE:  this feature is available for paid plans only.

There are few simple steps for embedding a product catalog into your website.

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How can I use a predefined layout for my catalog page? + video tutorial

Catalog Machine provides several common layouts in addition to ability to create your own or import shared layouts from other users. Each layout is an arrangement of various elements to quickly build a catalog page.

Read first: How can templates and layouts help in making my catalog?

By adding a layout, you add placeholders for several page elements in one click. Once layout is added, you can drag and drop a product or an image to the placeholder and it will be converted into the text or image element linked to the product.

To add and use a predefined layout to your catalog page follow the steps below.

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How do I create a line sheet? + video tutorial

You can create product retail, fashion, wholesale line sheets in few simple steps using pre-defined line sheet templates:

  1. Import products from Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Magento, CSV or create manually or in bulk.
  2. Create a new catalog.
  3. Select products and use Line Sheet template.
  4. Design your line sheet catalog, upload images, add text, company info and other catalog elements.
  5. Add predefined or custom product layouts, drop templates, table of contents, order form and more.
  6. Browse and share your line sheet online, embed into your website, download or send as PDF or link.

Watch tutorial video for detailed steps


You have full control over line sheet design: