Catalog Machine main ideas

How do I start making a product catalog?

There are 4 major steps in making a product catalog:

  1. Prepare content – collect product information, images and marketing text.
  2. Create Pages – arrange content elements together on the catalog pages.
  3. Design pages – spice up pages with fonts, colors, images and backgrounds.
  4. Publish and share – make your catalog available for your customers.

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Any product in Catalog Machine belongs to a product category that defines a set of fields for the group of similar products. You can add new fields to the default category or even create your own categories for better product grouping based on field sets.

A category field describes a product attribute, e.g. Price, Description, Picture and have different types: plain or formatted text, images, money, numbers and dates.

Catalog Machine Template is a page fragment of arranged elements that can be quickly added to the catalog page and linked to any product. Templates are easy to reuse and modify across different pages, catalogs and even Showroom.


Showroom is a dynamic web catalog of you products. Visitors can search or navigate products by category. Products are ordered by Rank, Name or Code and displayed with List and Details templates. You can change templates for specific category or individual products.

Product variants and options are extending original product information for different variations based on combination of product options (e.g. color, size, style, material, etc.), image, price and description. A product can have many variants with combination of options. You should configure product options in the product category.

Catalog Machine Layout is a composition of predefined page elements that can be added as the catalog page in one click and quickly filled with images, text or product information. You can select layouts from predefined standard layouts, created by other users or build your own.