How do I create product Showroom?

Product Showroom allows visitors to search and browse your products in any way unlike static page-by-page product catalogs. Showroom displays products with templates created for catalogs.

In addition, Showroom visitors can download product PDF or send Product Order Requests.

First, these are rules how products are displayed in Showroom:

  1. Only Showcase products are displayed in your Showroom.
  2. Products are ordered  by Name or by Rank defined in Showroom Properties on product edit.
  3. Details template is selected for the individual product page.
  4. Other pages with many products (homecategory pages, search) show List Template for a product.
  5. Individual product templates can be defined in Showroom Properties on product edit.
  6. If a template is not defined for a product, a category template is selected (defined on category edit).
  7. If a template is not defined for a product and a category, a template is selected based on Default Templates below.

To build Showroom follow the steps below.

1. Create templates for Showroom (the same way as for catalog) or reuse existing. Designate two templates as List and Details templates.



Navigate to a template and assign as default List or Details from Template Properties.




2. Optionally, you can override Showroom templates for specific category. To override navigate to category edit and select template from drop down.



Keep template as Default Showroom Template if you don’t want to override it.

3. Edit Showroom properties

  • Privacy:
    • Public (anyone can view and search with Google and other search engines),
    • Direct (available only with direct link)
    • Closed (for any public view)
    • Protected (only people with access code can view- Entrepreneur or higher plans only). Enter your Access Code that will be used as a password to view your Showroom.
    •  Email – (anyone who provides email can view – Entrepreneur or higher plans only). Collect showroom visitor emails: receive email alerts and use access log.
  • Options:
    • Display social buttons for Showroom pages (Google+, Facebook, Tweeter)
    • Display the Front page first
    • Display All Products page or hide it and land on the Front page or first category page.
    • Enable PDF product download
    • Enable Order Requests for the Showroom products.
  • Product order: by Name or Rank
  • Style: Default or Light for product lists
  • Base Price Field: select what price field to show for {{Price}} placeholder
  • Alternative way to change Default List and Details templates.
  • Front Page Description
  • Showroom Header displayed on top of every page except the home page.
  • Showroom Footer displayed on the bottom of any page.

Header and Footer can contain placeholders such as {{Page Number}}, {{Current Date}} or {{Page Title}}.

4. Assign products Showcase status, Rank and override templates


  • Only products with Showcase status will be displayed in Showroom.
  • Templates for products override category and default templates. This way you create featured or special templates for selected products.

Also, you can change Showcase status and Rank using Mass Edit or Import features.

5. Browse and test your Showroom

You can access showroom from your namespace direct link:{your namespace}/showroom or select Browse Showroom from top menu (Products | Browse Showroom). You can share your showroom with anyone by sending a direct link.

In addition, every showroom page can be downloaded as PDF.








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