Should I create products for my catalog or use text and images only?

You need two main elements for the catalog content: text and images. And first you need to answer this important question:

Do you want to maintain product data separately from the catalog or just create a catalog with text and images?

Information below  can help make the right decision for your catalog


There is a significant advantage of keeping a separate product database:

  • consistent organization and maintenance of product-related information
  • various functions for product management: search, updates, import / export, mass-edit
  • ability to reuse product content in different catalogs
  • product text and images in the catalog are changed automatically on any product content update
  • import of products from external services such as Shopify and Magento
  • finally, you can create a Showroom for product navigation, search and display

However, creating products is not necessary if you have small or non-product catalogs (by simply creating pages from static text and images). You can also combine both methods together – mix product  and static text and images.

Products in Catalog Machine

Any product in Catalog Machine belongs to a product category that defines the fields for the group of similar products. You can add new fields to the default category or even create your own categories for better product grouping based on field sets. Category fields can have different types: plain or formatted text, images, money, numbers and dates.

Once you set up your categories you can add products. Products can be added and updated in many different ways: from the dedicated product section, in a Catalog Designer, using Mass-edit or Import.

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