How do I manage Product Order / Quote Requests?

Online Catalog and Showroom visitors can send Product Order Requests (or Product  Price Quotes Requests) to contact you regarding your products.


To enable and manage Order Requests follow the steps below.

1. Enable Order Requests for Showroom

Go to Showroom management page and enable Order Requests option


2. Enable Order Requests for any Catalog

Go to a catalog page, click Orders button and enable Order Requests.


Once the feature is enabled you can view incoming Order Requests on this page (see below for general order requests page).


3. Enter Email and Language for Order Requests (optionally)

Go to My Business page and enter email for receiving order requests. If this email is empty, order requests will be sent to your default email address.


You can set your User Site Language  on this page to make Order Requests accessible on your customer language.

4. Order Request List, Details and Management.

Go to View Order Requests page from right sidebar to access list and details pages.

You can manage simple order request life-cycle: Accept, Reject or Close order requests or just delete them. These actions are available from list and details pages.


Click on Order ID to access Order Request Details.

You can add your notes on Order Request Details page.


5. Order Requests process for your visitors.

Visitors of your catalog or Showroom can simply select any product and click Order Request button on top toolbar.  They can send a request to you by filling basic information about them.

You will receive email notification and also can access all order requests from pages described in previous steps.




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