How do I create a new product? + video tutorial

Products are a great way to organize text and image information for your catalogs. Once you created product categories, you can create products entering data for category fields.

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Watch tutorial for adding and managing product data:

To create a new individual product follow the steps below.

1. Click the New Product button on Dashboard, Product List or Catalog Designer pages.  Select individual product category or navigate to Mass Edit or Product Import  to create products in bulk (click on links to read more about two last methods).   We continue with individual product creation.


2. Enter product information.

  • Name and code are required fields.
  • Code is a unique identificator of the product in your product database. You can use generated code or replace with your own code that you use in other systems.
  • Showcase in Showroom checkbox includes the product into Showroom.
  • All other fields are coming fro your product category configuration. If you add or remove fields from category, all product fields will be changed accordingly.
  • You can select existing images or upload new from your computer or web.


3.  Add variants for different product options and prices. Read more how to manage product options and variants.


4. Click Save Product to save entered information into your product database. The product is now ready to be used in catalogs, Showroom and other places!

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