How do I change product description, price, and other product information?

There are multiple ways you can change a product’s description, price, and other product information.  Changing a description for example  can be useful after creating a catalog because the description will automatically change in the catalog without the need of manually changing it.

Here are some various ways below:

1. From the dashboard click on products from the left sidebar and select “All Products”. Here you will see all the current products, and by clicking on the name or the edit button on the very right of the product line, you can edit the product.



2.  You can also edit the description and other product information directly from the catalog or the “Products” tab when creating your catalog. Simply click on the products tab during the catalog design process, click on the product and edit it.

4. You can also edit the description of exported products in Excel, then import them back into Catalog Machine.

image 6

* Remember that changing a description, or anything in a product will instantly change it in the catalog it belongs to.

** If not editing product information in the catalog design process you must also re-generate another PDF as it will not change otherwise.


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