How can I import products?

You can load many products at once from CSV file with import feature. You can create new products or update existing with all or selected fields. Use product export to get CSV file for existing products that you can re-import after edit.

To import products follow the steps below.

1. Prepare CSV file with product information in Excel, Google docs , OpenOffice or other spreadsheet program



The requirements are

  • The first row should have the same column names as the product Category fields.
  • The first column should be a product Code to help matching it with existing products.
  • Columns with image format, should contain full path of an image to download or relative path for already uploaded images.
  • Columns with Rich Text format can contain plain text or basic html (css is not supported).
  • CodeNameRank (1 to 1000000) and Showcase (status in Showroom: 1-show, 0 – hide) are special fields for any product category.

Example spreadsheet:

Code Name Rank Showcase Image Description Price
SKI001 4FRNT Skis 10 1 Sample/4FRNTEHPSki.jpg The 4FRNT Ski is a <i>big-mountain plank</i> that… $749.99
SKI002 Atomic Access Ski 15 1 The Access’s woodcore offers a smooth pattern… $499.99

2. Navigate to Product import page from top menu (Tools | Product Import)

3. Select prepared CSV file for import

4. Choose Product Category and click Import products.



Read about importing products with Asian or other non-Latin characters.

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