How can I export products and edit them in Excel?

You can export all or some of your products, including selected fields, and even product variants. The benefit of this would be that you can edit products very quickly, and use the “Replace-all” or “Find” option in Excel (Google Spreadsheets, OpenOffice, etc.), then import them back into Catalog Machine.

To export your products into a CSV file, follow the steps below.

1. Either click on products on the left of the page, select Products, then click on export.


2. You can also choose what specific products you want to be exported and the fields separately. So for example you can only export products with only their description, or their prices.

3. Once you click Export there should be an automatic download started that is automatically named “export-(categoryname).csv”. If the category name is Starbucks Coffee the file name would be “export-starbucks-coffee.csv”.

image 5

4. Once you open the CSV file you will see product fields (e.g. Code, Name, Description) on the first line including variants. The description and other rich text fields will have a <div> at the start and a </div> at the end (html format). Images will not be displayed in the CSV file, only the image path will be (/folder/image.jpg).

5. If you have product variants, and they are selected to be exported the CSV file will repeat the product for every variant.

6. This is how a CSV file would look like once you open it in Excel.

image 6

7. You can re-import products after you change product fields in Excel or other spreadsheet application. Images with web addresses will be automatically downloaded from the Internet.

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