How can I add products to the catalog?

You need two main elements for the catalog product content: text and images. While you can design simple small catalogs without creating products, we recommend to build your own product database for more complex catalogs. Catalog Machine helps you to easily  manage your product information and use your products in catalogs.

There is a significant advantage of having separate product databasebetter management of product information (search, updates, import / export, mass-edit) and ability to reuse entered product content in different places and catalogs. Another benefit: on any product content update, the related product text and images in the catalog are updated automatically.

However, you can do fine without creating products if you have small or non-product catalogs (by just directly creating pages from static text and images). Certainly, you can combine both methods together – mix product and static text and images.

To add products to you catalog follow the steps below.

1. Create and select your products.  You can create products from the Catalog Designer or one by one  from a product section or with Mass Edit  or import from the CSV file to create products in bulk.

You have two methods to create and select products with Catalog  Designer:

Method A: Drag and drop Product Element and choose an existing product or create a product in place




Method B: Create and select products from the Products tab.

Choose category from drop down. Drag and drop an existing product (from the list of product thumbnails) or create a new one. You can filter products by name and sort them.



You can add multiple images with the same template using Add button.


2. Select product content type.

You have selection of three types of elements: Text, Image and Template. These elements create a link to the product and any update of any product field will modify content of this linked element in the catalog.


Text element creates a text box with selected product category field.


You can later edit this text element and enter your text and add other product fields. Product field placeholders are replaced with actual product information from the database after edit. These fields are updated automatically on the product change.



Image element creates an image from the available product image fields. The image will be automatically replaced if the product image is changed on product edit (one more benefit of linking to product).



You can select an image position – how the image will fit into the image box.



Template element creates a page fragment from other elements composed as a template.


You can edit template in-place. Read more about designing templates.


You can configure any product element to display an overlay with product details in the catalog HTML viewer.

Product variants

Add variants placeholder for product variants with different product options and prices.  Read more how to create product options and variants and format in the catalog.

designer-edit-variant designer-display-variant

Variant placeholder between {{Variants}} and {{/Variants}} will be repeated for each variant and replaced with actual variant values.

3. Arrange products on the page. Move, resize, arrange (bring on front of other elements or send back ) or delete your product elements on the catalog page.




You can use keyboard shortcuts for some operations: move (arrow keys), resize (Shift + arrow keys), delete (Del key). 

4. Use Copy to Clipboard function if you want to reuse product elements on other pages or catalogs.



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