How to mass upload, edit in bulk and organize images

Work with many images requires organization and efficient tools. You can upload many images, edit in bulk and organize images into folders with Catalog Machine. In addition, you can mass create products from the images. To do this follow these steps below:

1. Select  Image Manager from the sidebar on the left.



2. Now you can either create folders to organize your images, or simply upload all your images to the “Root” folder, and organize them into folders later or leave them there. Let’s say you want to create a folder first. Simply type the name of your folder on the left hand side of the page and click “add”.



3. After a folder, or folders have been created you can upload images directly into them. Select the folder on the left hand side, and select either “Upload from my computer” or “Upload from web”. If uploading from the computer then either drag and drop files into the dotted area, or select files. If selecting files you can hold “CTRL” or the “SHIFT” key to select multiple images. Afterwards click open, and your images should appear below.



If you would like to upload an image from the web. Click on the “Upload from web”. Copy the image URL, and your image should appear below. Then click “Upload”.


4. If you uploaded an image you do not want, simply click delete image on the top right corner of the image, and it will instantly be deleted. You may also edit the image name, rotate, and crop it in this step, but it may be easier with bulk actions in the next few steps. If you wish to create products from these images select what category you would like to create the new products in. Otherwise de-select the “and create new products…” and click “Upload (number of images) to (folder name) folder”.


5. If you now select “Image collection”, you will see all of your uploaded images. From here you may also rename, crop, and delete the images. You also have the option of downloading the image. You can now select images and preform “Bulk Actions”.



6. With bulk actions you can delete, move to, copy to, re-size to and create products in. To delete multiple images select the images you would like to delete , select “Delete” in bulk actions and click “Apply”.


If you would like to move or copy certain images into another folder, select the images and on bulk actions click “Move to” or “Copy to” depending on what you would like to do.  This could be useful if you upload all your images into the “Root” folder without creating any folders, and you would like to now organize them into folders. If you do the “Move to” bulk action the files will not remain in the folder you moved them from, so “Copy to” would be more useful if you would like to keep the images in the original folder.


You can also resize multiple images with the “Resize to”  option. Simply select images you would like to resize and crop, then select “Resize to” option in bulk actions, and simply select the max width and height you would like to make your images.


If you would like to create products form the images, select “Create Products in” in the bulk actions. Select the category you would like to do it in, then click “Apply”, and “Edit created products”.


Once you click “Edit Created products” you will be redirected to the Mass Edit page where you will be be able to add variants, change the description, price, etc.



7. You can always upload individual images from product edit or catalog designer screens.

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