How do I upload and edit images?

You have many ways to work with images in Catalog Machine – main building blocks of any catalog.

Note: What size images are best to use within catalogs?

The optimal image size depends on proportion of page the image will take.  The full page is about 600px x 800px (or 800 x 600 in landscape). Therefore  if your images will take not more than quarter page (in any place you use them) than max size 400 x 300 is optimal and so on. Smaller images are better for performance, but too small size could lower quality. The only exception if you plan to use pdf format with images that require zoom (e.g. maps, charts) than you need higher resolution (even larger than page). 

To upload, edit and manage your image collection follow the steps below.

1. Catalog Designer image tab – upload images

designer-upload images

Read more about adding images to the catalog.

2. Upload images for products using these features: Product Edit, Mass Edit and Product Import.


Once you have product database, you can add product images to the catalog.

3. Image Manager – a central place to manage your images.

You can add folders for better image organization.


You can upload files by drag and drop or selecting from your computer drive and crop / resize, rotate and rename before upload.



Crop or resize image before upload



Create products from uploaded images


Upload images from web address



After images are uploaded, you can delete, crop / resize and rename them individually in Image Manager.



And perform bulk operations with selected images



Resize images to specific dimensions in bulk



NOTE: Catalogs and products store a link to the image path in collection (e.g. Sample/my-image.jpg) not the image content. If you rename or move image, the link will be broken and image will be missing. Therefore, if you do change image folder or name, please, update your links in catalogs and products.





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