Setting up and managing Showroom

Showroom is a dynamic web catalog of you products. Visitors can search or navigate products by category. Products are ordered by Rank, Name or Code and displayed with List and Details templates. You can change templates for specific category or individual products.

How can I make my Showroom and catalogs UI accessible in multiple languages?


You can localize your user site interface (Showroom and catalogs) for some languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and more are coming).

To set your site UI language just go to My Business page, select User Site Language and update your settings.

In addition, you can switch languages by adding parameter to url: ?lang=<language code>. You can send these links to your customers in different languages.

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How can I share a link to a catalog or Showroom without a top bar and logo?

If you would like to share a bare page for your catalog or Showroom (no logo and top bar), use following links

1.  Catalog bare link [Paid Plans only] . Replace your namespace, catalog permalink and optionally navigation style – read more here.{namespace}/embed/catalogs/{permalink}.html?nav=bullets

2. Showroom bare link [Any plan]. Replace your namespace – read more here.{namespace}/embed/showroom

3. Direct PDF download link: Add to your pdf link ?download=true{namespace}/catalogs/{permalink}.pdf?download=true

Read more about catalog embedded link formatting and Showroom embedded code.