Managing products and categories

How do I create a new product? + video tutorial

Products are a great way to organize text and image information for your catalogs. Once you created product categories, you can create products entering data for category fields.

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Watch tutorial for adding and managing product data:

To create a new individual product follow the steps below.

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Any product in Catalog Machine belongs to a product category that defines a set of fields for the group of similar products. You can add new fields to the default category or even create your own categories for better product grouping based on field sets.

A category field describes a product attribute, e.g. Price, Description, Picture and have different types: plain or formatted text, images, money, numbers and dates.

How can I add products to the catalog?

You need two main elements for the catalog product content: text and images. While you can design simple small catalogs without creating products, we recommend to build your own product database for more complex catalogs. Catalog Machine helps you to easily  manage your product information and use your products in catalogs.

There is a significant advantage of having separate product databasebetter management of product information (search, updates, import / export, mass-edit) and ability to reuse entered product content in different places and catalogs. Another benefit: on any product content update, the related product text and images in the catalog are updated automatically.

However, you can do fine without creating products if you have small or non-product catalogs (by just directly creating pages from static text and images). Certainly, you can combine both methods together – mix product and static text and images.

To add products to you catalog follow the steps below.

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Product variants and options are extending original product information for different variations based on combination of product options (e.g. color, size, style, material, etc.), image, price and description. A product can have many variants with combination of options. You should configure product options in the product category.

How can I add product variants and options?

Product variants and options are extending original product information for different variations based on combination of product options (e.g. color, size, style, material, etc.), imageprice and description.

In short, there are 3 main steps in using product variants and options

  • add options to the product category
  • add variants to the product using these options
  • add variants placeholder text to the catalog page

To create product options and variants follow the steps below.

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How can I import products?

You can load many products at once from CSV file with import feature. You can create new products or update existing with all or selected fields. Use product export to get CSV file for existing products that you can re-import after edit.

To import products follow the steps below.

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