Creating and using catalog page layouts

How can I use a predefined layout for my catalog page? + video tutorial

Catalog Machine provides several common layouts in addition to ability to create your own or import shared layouts from other users. Each layout is an arrangement of various elements to quickly build a catalog page.

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By adding a layout, you add placeholders for several page elements in one click. Once layout is added, you can drag and drop a product or an image to the placeholder and it will be converted into the text or image element linked to the product.

To add and use a predefined layout to your catalog page follow the steps below.

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How can I search and modify shared layouts?

You can search shared layouts and modify them for own design purposes in Layout Search screen. These layouts will be copied into your own My Layouts collection.

Later, you can ‘Like’ the original layout and update if it is changed by the owner.

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Catalog Machine Layout is a composition of predefined page elements that can be added as the catalog page in one click and quickly filled with images, text or product information. You can select layouts from predefined standard layouts, created by other users or build your own.

How do I create a product price list? + video

Catalog Machine provides several product price list layouts that you can use in a catalog as is or customize. In addition, you can import or create you own price layouts for later reuse in other catalogs.

To add a price list to your catalog follow the steps below:

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