How do I create a product price list? + video

Catalog Machine provides several product price list layouts that you can use in a catalog as is or customize. In addition, you can import or create you own price layouts for later reuse in other catalogs.

To add a price list to your catalog follow the steps below:

1. Create or open a catalog.

2. Select a price list layout for the new page


3. Edit this price list page as needed – edit text, move or add new elements including images.


4. Click on table text element to edit . Remove or add new table fields, format table text and columns.


5. Customize your product and price lists on more advanced level. Read more about Smart Layouts.

6. Learn more about Expandable Layouts – templates and layouts that can expand to multiple pages  and fixed elements that repeat on each page.

7. [Optional] Import and edit original price list layouts for re-use in other catalogs.

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