How do I use Quick Catalog Builder?

Quick Catalog Builder allows fast catalog creation and updates. It focuses on manipulation with products displayed with prepared templates.

To use Quick Catalog Builder follow the steps below.

1. Launch  Quick Catalog Builder from the Catalogs Tab by pressing All catalogs then quick on the right hand side



2. Add products and reorder them. You can reorder-individual products or whole pages.

Note: Quick Builder can only recognize products and sections that are added from this screen (or multiple add function from Catalog Designer Product tab). Other elements  can only be reordered or removed as a part of the whole page.


Add products from the popup dialog with a selected template.


3. You can work with individual items or batches of selected products. You can change templates for the products or remove them.


4. Edit product content or template design.


5. Switch to the Catalog Designer by pressing the button located at the top of the page to use more elements and have full control over catalog pages design.


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