How do I use Catalog Maker tool?

Catalog Maker is a build tool for fast and easy creation of a product catalog with predefined page layouts.

We recommend to watch Catalog Maker video tutorial.

Alternatively you can use other build modes:

You can constantly switch between between these tools for editing the same catalog.

Here is a short example of Catalog Maker usage:


To use Catalog Maker follow the steps below.

1. Switch to Catalog Maker mode from Catalogs list or catalog toolbar in another design modes

maker-go-1 maker-go-2

2. Add new pages from predefined layouts by dragging to the required position in the page list. You can reorder pages by dragging.


3. Drag & drop products or images to page placeholder elements. Move products or images between elements and pages.


4. Change products and images; edit product fields or image position; replace product templates by clicking on the page element.


5. Edit and format element text 


7. Preview catalog page


8. Finally view full web catalog, download PDF, publish and share catalog.

In addition, you can change catalog properties as name, thumbnail, theme, colors, header, footer, etc.



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