How do I start making a product catalog?

There are 4 major steps in making a product catalog:

  1. Prepare content – collect product information, images and marketing text.
  2. Create Pages – arrange content elements together on the catalog pages.
  3. Design pages – spice up pages with fonts, colors, images and backgrounds.
  4. Publish and share – make your catalog available for your customers.


Prepare Content for Your Catalog

You need two main elements for the catalog content: text and images. And first you need to answer this important question:

Do you want to maintain product data separately from the catalog or just create a catalog with text and images?

Read more about deciding if you need a product database.

Read how to create products.

Create & Design Pages

There are few ways to create a catalogs. The simplest approach is manual creation of each page from the catalog elements. However, you can consider to use two advanced approaches: Layouts and Templates.

Read more about these approaches to create catalog pages.

Read how to create a new catalog.

Publish & Share Your Catalog

Your catalog is ready for publishing in two formats: PDF and HTML. You can email the link with your catalog or share it in social media or you can download / attach as PDF.

Read how to publish a catalog.

Read how to share your catalog.

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