How do I share my catalog?

After creating and publishing a catalog you can share it with your clients. There are few ways for sharing a catalog directly: as a link, pdf file or embedding it into your website. In addition Internet users can find your catalog with search engines if you have Public privacy settings for publishing.

Also, your catalog visitors can share a catalog using social buttons in HTML catalog header.

Finally, you can provide users with RSS feed for your new catalog publishing and enable Order Requests for the catalog products.

1. Share as a link. Open Share popup from the top designer bar. Copy a permalink (full catalog link) for any HTML or PDF catalog format. You can send a link in email or post it on a blog, your website or social network. HTML link will be loaded in a browser and PDF Download link will trigger download of a PDF file. share-catalog

You can edit a permalink when catalog is still in a Draft state (Unpublished) from Catalog Properties.



Finally, you can always copy a link from the catalog list page.


2. Share a PDF file.  You can download a file to your computer from the Catalog Designer or Catalog List by clicking on a pdf link. You can send a pdf catalog file as an attachment, print it or put on your website.


You can do special PDF download with Bleed Zone, PDF/A (archive) or PDF/X (printing) formats.

3. Embed your catalog into your website.

4.  Enable social buttons in Catalog Properties for sharing by your catalog visitors.

5. Provide RSS feed link for new published catalogs in the format:{namespace}/catalogs/rss

6. Enable Order Requests for the catalog products.


1.  Link to the catalog  specific page adding #?page=<page number>. For example:

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