How do I publish my catalog?

After building a catalog you need to Publish it to give an access for your customer and other people. You can return your catalog in a Draft state (Unpublish) at any time. You can choose Privacy settings to control how your published catalog could be accessed by outsiders and search engines.

1. Navigate to Catalog Designer to Publish or Unpublish a catalog.  publish-catalog

2. If needed choose Privacy Settings from the Catalog Properties popup. By default a privacy set to Public.



These are privacy levels:

  • Public – Anyone can find and view. Submitted to search engines as Google or Bing.
  • Direct – Anyone with the link can view. Listed only under your namespace.
  • Hidden – Anyone with the link can view. Not listed anywhere.
  • Protected –  Only people with access code can view (Entrepreneur or higher plans only). Enter your Access Code that will be used as a password to view or download the catalog.
  • Email – Anyone who provides email can view (Entrepreneur or higher plans only). Collect catalog visitor emails: receive email alerts and use access log.

3. Edit Permalink (optionally) – the name of the catalog in a web address



4. Edit other publishing properties

  • Ranking – a rank (number) for ordering catalogs on your page for visitors
  • Enable social buttons for the catalog
  • Enable catalog formats for viewing – HTML and PDF
  • PDF file compression – higher compression makes catalog smaller and faster, but quality of pictures lower. Set Uncompressed setting to keep images without any loss of original quality.

5. Once a catalog is published, you can share it with your customers.

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to delete a catalog I published online. I don’t want the catalog to be found in search engines like google. How do I go about that?

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