How do I add Product Order Form to my catalog?

Order Form is a special catalog layout for a product purchase order form that can be added and modified as a catalog page in both Online and PDF formats.

Add Order Form layout as a page

Product Order Form layout

To use Product Order Form consider following options:

1.  Full Designer

Go to Catalog Full Designer and add Order Form layout as a page. You can modify this page and any element as you need.


2. Catalog Maker

You can add standard Order Form layout as a page in Catalog Maker. Use Full Designer if you need to modify elements on the page (option #1) or import and modify standard layout (option #3).


3. Import and Design your own Order Form Layout 

Import and modify layout to use Order Form as your own layout in catalogs.

Search for ‘order form’ and import layout for modification.


Edit Layout- you can modify existing or add new elements to the layout.



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