How can templates and layouts help in making my catalog? + video tutorial

There are few ways to create a catalogs. You can use one approach or all of them in one catalog.

Watch detailed tutorial video with explanation of design approaches:

The simplest approach is manual creation of each page from the catalog elements. However, you can consider to use two advanced approaches: Layouts and Templates.


1. Manual – drag and drop elements from the right sidebar (text, images, products) and arrange them as you wish. This is a simple way, but labor-intensive and requires good understanding how do you want your pages to look like.

2. Templates – prepare templates that contain reusable fragments of product content elements including product field placeholders. Once you add a product to the page and choose template, it will automatically render template elements with product field information and images. You can add multiple products at once with the same template.

Quick Catalog Builder is the most efficient way to build a catalog with templates.

Benefits of using templates:

  • link to the product – once product information changes, the template will be automatically updated,
  • changes to template design will be automatically applied in every page your catalogs uses this template.
  • a template can take a fraction of page and several of them can be used on one page creating multi-product pages,
  • same templates can be used in Showroom (a dynamic and searchable catalog of your products).

However, a template can display one product only and look the same way for all products without an option to tweak it. There is another alternative for building product pages – Layout.

3. Layout – an arrangement of various elements to quickly build a nice professionally looking page. By adding a layout, you add placeholders for several page elements in one click. Once layout is added, you can drag and drop a product or an image to the placeholder and it will be converted into the text or image element linked to the product. You can also change and resize any element for this specific page.

You can create your own layouts. Also layouts can be shared between different accounts and there is a set of standard layouts available for any user.


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