How can I backup and restore my catalog?

After you click Save button, the system creates an automatic backup for the saved catalog that can be restored later. In addition, users with paid accounts can create manual backups of a catalog.


Restoring a backup will replace all elements and properties of the current catalog.


Important Notes:

  • Backup includes only catalog content and doesn’t store related products, templates or images. 
  • Automatic and manual backups have limited number of restore points (currently 5 for paid and 3 for free accounts) and earlier backups over this limit will be deleted.
  • A restored catalog could miss some elements (or have them empty) if you deleted related products, images or templates linked to these elements.


2 thoughts on “How can I backup and restore my catalog?

  1. Can I make a catalog which is paid then save it. Then not pay for a year, then start paying again and restore my old catalog to update it?

    1. Yes, you can keep a catalog on a free plan with all products (even beyond limits). However, you should sign in periodically as we remove inactive accounts with all data (at least once in 3 months).

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