How can I add images to the catalog?

You can upload images from the Catalog Designer or use other ways to upload and edit images. Catalog Machine allows to create image folders for better organization of large image collections.

NOTE: We recommend to use product images with product elements to keep them linked instead of adding individual product images to the catalog.

To add images to you catalog follow the steps below.

1. Upload and select images. Optionally, you can upload and edit images before you start design of the catalog. Or you can use two ways to add images from the Catalog Designer.

Method A: Drag and drop an Image element to the catalog page.


Select existing or upload a new image from a popup. You can upload from your computer or directly web address.catalog-image-select


You can always navigate to Image Manager for advanced image management.

Method B: Just drag and drop an image from the Image tab. Select your image folder to see the list of existing images. You can order and filter these images. Upload images from your computer or web address.


2. Arrange images on the page. Move, resize, arrange (bring on front of other elements or send back ) or delete your image elements on the catalog page.

You can also select an image position – how the image will fit into the image box.


You can use keyboard shortcuts for some operations: move (arrow keys), resize (Shift + arrow keys), delete (Del key).

3. Use Copy to Clipboard function if you want to reuse product elements on other pages or catalogs.

4. Ensure that your images keep catalog size reasonable. If not, read how to reduce your catalog size and optimize images.

2 thoughts on “How can I add images to the catalog?

  1. Hi, can you add multiple images to each catalog, for example images from different angles?
    Trying to learn how to use your Catalog Machine. Slowly getting there!

    1. Dale: you can add a multiple image fields for the product category and use them in your catalog for the product display. We are planning to add image rotation in the future release.

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