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How do I create a product price list? + video

Catalog Machine provides several product price list layouts that you can use in a catalog as is or customize. In addition, you can import or create you own price layouts for later reuse in other catalogs.

To add a price list to your catalog follow the steps below:

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Reference: Smart Layouts for your catalog pages

Catalog Machine  provides expressions to iterate and format your product data that you can use in your layouts, templates and catalog pages.

Read more and see practical examples in How to customize product and price layouts.

Expression groups

  1. Products
  2. Categories
  3. Variants
  4. Images
  5. Condition Operators
  6. Sorting and limiting
  7. Conditional text

Note: All expressions are enclosed in double brackets – {{…}} ( e.g. {{Price}})- pay attention not to break them by formatting text!

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How do I create a line sheet? + video tutorial

You can create product retail, fashion, wholesale line sheets in few simple steps using pre-defined line sheet templates:

  1. Import products from Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Magento, CSV or create manually or in bulk.
  2. Create a new catalog.
  3. Select products and use Line Sheet template.
  4. Design your line sheet catalog, upload images, add text, company info and other catalog elements.
  5. Add predefined or custom product layouts, drop templates, table of contents, order form and more.
  6. Browse and share your line sheet online, embed into your website, download or send as PDF or link.

Watch tutorial video for detailed steps


You have full control over line sheet design: